About Us

We are a small group of people (3) each with our own specialties. Our aim is to deliver the entire range of IT-services for private persons and Small Businesses, which can be a hassle to find if You're not living in a bigger city. Each of us is working under his/her own name or company. Some of us were trained for their job, others have most of their knowledge from work-experience.

What You can expect from us...
Olav: Into computing since 1996. After 2 years in on-site Small-Business support (Windows/Novell) I got employed by a company with over 500 workstations/laptops and some 20 odd servers (Windows/Unix/Linux/Novell and the telephone system) for the in-house IT department. 3 on the job so from troubleshooting to network engineering and many remote employees. Network and Firewall security, installation and deployment of large soft/hardware projects. Keeping/getting viruses of the network and analyzing failing computers or connections and all kind of peripherals like networked printers and routers.
I became a freelancer and developped networks for amongst others a callcenter and cybercafes. I got interested in user-awareness and did a little teaching. Finally I worked on cheap software solutions for Small-Business size offices and I played around a little on Apple/Mac.
I can even create simple websites (like thise one) but for that I have much more competent partners.