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We created this site to let You know that help is available for all problems You might have with Your computer or computer network and peripherals. We work on all systems. Windows(all flavours), Linux and Apple/Mac wether workstation or server. Languages mastered are FRANÇAIS, ENGLISH, NEDERLANDS(natively) and DEUTSCH, as well for communication with You as for the computer's installed OS.
We can help You fast if Your business depends on the system but also if it's less urgent for Your private PC. Support can be given off- or on-site and with some preparation even remote.

What Problems...
Computers may be recently bought and need configuration or be placed in a network. Or it can be an older one that needs a little cleaning/refreshing or hardware upgrade. It can be it became sluggish because of malware or a virus infection. Malfunction or lost connectivity or "blue screens of death" or not start up at all.
Maybe you'd like some (free) software and You don't know what to choose. And finally it can be You want some advice/instructions or lesons on how to use that damned machine or software.

WELL, we can help! Please use the "Support Request Form" in the menu on the left side. Regards, Olav.
If You're on the map, I'll come to Your place!